Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Vix Speaks: Dominance

What is dominance and what does it mean? I have been talking to alot of people lately about this subject and well I might not be an expert on this I am feeling up for posting my thoughts on it. I won't cover all the bases and what I consider being dominate might not be what others consider being dominate. Now if anyone feels like they would like to hear about a subject in specific I urge you to post that in the comment section or send me something at my e-mail which can be found in my profile.

Domination is everywhere it can be found in the bedroom of a slave and master or in business or on the streets. There are those that people are just inclined to follow even if they themselves aren't realizing why they do it. Some people have a presence and you can just feel it, they make you feel like a servant with the air about them. Now some might be thinking but if I am really Dominant they won't have that effect on me, which may be true but being Dominant it is easy to pick out others like you. Two Dominants meeting can be like a meeting of equals or a game where each tries to top the other. Some may think if they are going to be Dominant they can't ever let anyone be more Dominant to them, this is something I don't agree with. If you don't allow yourself to experiance everything there is to experiance how will you ever learn what others use? Now there is no book out there telling you how to be a Dom or how you should act, but I have always found it better to learn from others. If nothing else it at least for me is interesting to watch what others do.

In BDSM play I also see the role of Dominate as one of responsibility. The Dominate is responsible for everything that happens and they are responsible for the welfare of their submissive. I know in general I tend to play less rough then others since I prefer bondage to flogging, but one has to know when they have gone from testing to terrorizing. It doesn't make you less Dominate to know when to stop, to know that your submissive may not tell you when something is too much (even though they should). Much of what is done is about limits and testing how far one will go...but at the end there needs to not be lasting harm done to the submissive. What do I mean by this it is hard to explain because it is more of a concept then something with an actual rule. Physically no one should end up in the hospital and if it looks as if your submissive needs medical attention make sure they get it (one of those responsibility things). Accidents happen remember that but admit when it happens, no one is infallible, part of being in charge is knowing when something needs to stop or admitting when something wrong has happened. Don't break your contract or the rules that your submissive, part of having a relationship like this is trust. Don't break that trust ever. Hmmm...I think the last part was a semi rant about someone I spoke to recently, sorry for that.

Now on a more emotional level when it comes to being Dominate it is a charge, a feeling of power and elation. Knowing that the person you are playing with needs you that they rely on you. That they want you to fuck them, flog them, bind them, or whatever else you have agreed upon doing. A sense of knowing they are yours and yours alone, being the possessive type I would not share a pet, to try to do that wouldn't be being true to myself or to them. And as I ranted about above that is part of being Dominant being reliable and being true. There is something wonderful about knowing that someone trusts you so completely they put themselves at your mercy. Being Dominant is hard but it is also one of the best things as long as it is truly what you want.

At the end of the day when your submissive, pet, slave, or whatever it is you like to call them is curled up laying on your lap, at the foot of your bed or on the floor and you know they are fulfilled because you are happy and because you are in charge; that is one of the best feelings.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Secret Geek Sunday: Finding out your not alone

My other posts about Secret Geek Sunday have all been stories. With the direction that my blog usually takes this is nothing new. I tell stories, I am here to entertain so in a way that is so much easier for me then having to actually talk about myself. Some of my stories do have a touch of myself in them, but which parts and which ones isn't that overall important. Today I'm going to talk about being a Kinky Geek.

Gaming at one point or another has taken up every aspect of my life. Sexuality is not different then the rest of it. I think the first time that I looked at sex and gaming was when I realized that everyone was very worried about what their charisma or appearance scores were. Didn't matter what type of character that was being played. I noticed it more when I was younger, even with a negative in appearance many would attempt to describe their characters appearance in a positive light. Many of my early playing was done with World of Darkness, Vampire. Now anyone that knows about that particalar game will know that Vampires in the World of Darkness are not sexually inclined. Theirs is a story of angst and suffering, hollow to emotions and on top of that they have a dead body. But I remember a game where even if you point this out, young male vampires would spend a blood point when they see their hot famale sir; the blood point was for their boner. So many games took characters through different aspects of sexuality. Gay strip clubs, BDSM playgrounds, to meet prostitutes - the best part was at the end of the day they can just say that whatever happened in the game wasn't them. A safe way to look at the less then vanilla sexual experiance and then safely be able to stand back and go, was my character and not me.

For a long time I use to wonder how many of the Geeks that I played with were actually kinky and weren't just playing at it. Some of my first bondage experiances were with another Geek, a guy that I gamed with. Even with that experiance I still wasn't sure how alone I was in being a kinky geek, but the at a convention I found my answer. At gaming conventions there are people and costumes of all shapes and sizes, many of them take on the appearance of fetish gear and I suspect many of the costumes are just fetish gear made to be worn in a more exceptable enviroment. This particular convention I had my flogger with me. Yes I own a flogger, not the most expensive or worst for beating but still a good flogger. Standing in the foyer of the convention a girl comes up to me, with her are about three guys and they all seem to be friends.

"Can I see that?" She asks looking to my flogger that is attached to my bag, I look to her a moment and then shrug and hand it over. What happened next was rather entertaining. She turns to the guys and says to one, "let me hit you," he looks a little uneasy but lets her. In between cries of ow and damn from him another one of the guys eyes just start shining. Right there in the middle of the foyer he starts begging her to beat him, she turned and looked at him a small smile on her face and she answers him with one simple word, "no". At that moment when she chose control, I knew that the road of being a kinky geek wouldn't be such a lonely one.

Monday, June 12, 2006

End of the World

So it really isn't the end of the world, but it feels like it. Yesterday my SO got very sick and it kinda took up my entire day. Ended up taking them to the hospital and they are still not feeling better. I do have a secret geek writing put together, two girls no gravity - so hopefully you will be entertained when I can finally get it up.

And I am very sad that I have not been able to write as regularly as I would like for this blog. I just hope that sometime in the near future that I will be able to because I do not like this only getting one or two stories in a week stuff.

I love all you people in blog land and hope to return soon.

*hugs* Vix

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Well I once again have not been up to posting and that makes me feel like well something not good. But after looking at Cherrie's HNT last thursday lately I have been thinking about one part of the female anatomy that I truly is my favorite part. Breasts, seriously they are like well the one feature on a female that I intensely love. I have always been fixated on breasts and I am always sure to give the breasts of a lover lots of well deserved attention. Nibbling along the edge of them, licking underneath and over up to the nipple. Biting at her nipples gently playing with the tip of them with my tongue and then nuzzling into her breasts. Somethings I really don't think can get better then that.

Tomorrow I think my Secret Geek Sunday post (which I am going to make sure I get up) will have some lovely breasts in them. How about the rest of you? What do you enjoy on women, what part of their body draws your attention?

Monday, June 05, 2006

Secret Geek Sunday: The Peach

I know it isn't Sunday anymore but my stomach illness decided to keep me hugging the toliet the other day (I know how sexy is that to think of!) and then I ended up watching Smallville with my sweetie, a truly Geeky way to spend sometime together before I passed out in his arms. So here is my second if rather late Secret Geek Sunday post, I hope everyone enjoys it and yes it is suppose to have a bit of a comedy effect to it.

Contains: Sex, Halflings, voyuerism, and making an entire bar full of people uncomfortable.

The Peach

“Oh you bad bad boy,” Stephen Beaudoin gushed to his reflection in the mirror. His response was mostly due to the fact that he could feel a hand on his ass and in his mind no one was worthy of touching himself except for himself for no one was as lovely. While Stephen continued to giggle and making coy faces at himself in the mirror the hand on his ass continued to kneed and feel him up. Something that was obvious to everyone in the room but him was that he was not being a bad boy in face a Halfling had her hand on his bum and appeared to be having a grand old time of it. The Halfling’s name is Lana and she doesn’t know the meaning of the word restraint or moderation, the latest group of adventurers had this bard in tow; and ever since she had been having her way with his anatomy while he cooed at himself over how naughty and wonderful he was at it.

Across the tavern from the Halfling and Bard a man with a battle scarred face watched with a frown he looks over to a petite girl sitting next to him, “Ebony tell me again why we are keeping those two around, also…what the hell do you think is wrong with that Halfling.” Ebony looks up from her spellbook with a sigh, “Gibson they are useful, Lana is great with locks and not bad to talk to and Stephen - well he gets us free rooms and connections.” Gibson grumbles something and orders another ale with those two around he had been drinking more and more.

The night wears on and Stephen goes to play for the tavern patrons even in a burgh like the one they were staying in tonight he loved to play, he loved to adored. Lana watched him with a slight pout since he was her only source of entertainment in this town. She tosses her damp hair over her shoulder and looks around. Today had been her bath day, Lana was proud of her cleanness a bath a week whether she needed it or not. Tonight’s bath had not been scheduled but been forced on her by Stephen, inadvertently she had left a stain on his clothing with her fun and it made him all miffed, she grinned slightly at the memory, not that she minded having the handsome bard giving her a bath. But now Stephen was on the stage playing, Lana grins and ducks down to the floor and starts crawling under a nearby table that just happens to be close to the Bard and the stage. The rogue happily continues to crawl on the floor getting her clean hands dirty on the pads of her hands. The dirt from the floor of the tavern starts to collect on her hands returning them to their normal grubby appearance. Only halfway to the stage Lana stops her eyes wide and stares in front of her, there is another Halfling under the table and he appears to be in much the same state as she is in.

Frankie as he was often called was grinning ear to ear in front of him was two of the loveliest sets of legs he had ever seen. At the moment Frankie was considering the best way to snake his hand under one of the elven maiden’s skirts his lecherous plans are pulled from his mind as he hears a sound behind him. Turning Frankie blinks not expecting to see another Halfling under the table in The Pickled Peach. He did as was his first instinct and looked down her loosely tied vest, his grin widened if it could she was indeed rather well built too, not any elven maiden but at least she was his size so he wouldn’t keep slippin’ out when things just get interesting.

Lana grinned slightly when she got a better look at Frankie, she could see the front of his breeches were already bulging from whatever he was going to do to the elven women. Never being good at tact or anything along those lines she crawls to the center of the table so she is further from the women and makes a motion to him to crawl to her. Frankie stared at her a moment wondering what she was up to but then the memory of her breasts came back to him and he quickly moved to her. Now Lana was hungry for a cock of another Hin almost as much as Frankie was hungry for a pussy of one. Once he was within touching distances Lana reaches over and finds a way into his breeches, looking into his wide brown eyes she grins as she pulls his manhood free. Lana’s dark green eyes went down the length of Frankie’s member, for a Halfling he was well endowed but he was nowhere near as impossible as the human or most of the elven men.

In the next moment Frankie gets pushed back and Lana crawls on top of him greedily licking up his cock and twirling around the head of it with her tongue. As she sucks Lana smiles slightly Frankie had just been made to bathe lately like she had been. The two elven women start whispering to each other and from the movement of their feet the two other the table can tell they are starting to get a little nervous; sounds of Lana’s mouth working carry just under the music of Stephen playing constant soft wet sounds as she pulls from the base of his cock to the head of it mixed with the sound of Frankie moaning gently as she does. “Oh, by the gods,” Frankie cries as he looks down at the devilish tart working his member as he lets out a cry those few people sitting at the far table push their chairs back and quickly move to the other side of the room.

Gibson looks up as he notices the movement of people from one side of the room to the other. Hearing the sounds of sex he just looks down at his ale he could no longer remember how many he had drank. As the people moved he could hear the sounds drifting just under the ballad that Stephen had started up, blinking a little drunkenly at first he suspected it was the two mastiffs that make their home in the Peach, he looks over and sees the two dogs lounging by the fire and then realization hits him. With a curse to the Hin he holds his hand up for another ale.

Under the table the two Halflings continued with their pleasures, Lana hungrily sucked Frankie’s cock for only a while longer before he pushed her back and slipped his hands up her vest top. He groans again and presses against the front of her breeches as he rolls his fingers over her nipples not caring if the tall folk can hear him or not. Lana reaches up and starts stroking her hand over his cock her lips parting as she watches his face, her back arching as he moves his hands over her breasts more quickly. Just as Lana throws her head back with an ecstatic cry of her own Stephen finishes his song, a mutter goes through the crowd in the Peach, most people deciding to ignore the noises even as a slight flush covers their cheeks.

Ebony’s familiar Greystone squawks and makes disgruntle noises looking toward the table, the sounds of the tryst slowly starts to fill the room, no one is left unable to hear the two and everyone is trying to pretend that they can’t hear it. Frankie pulls open Lana’s breeches with a hand and dives his fingers downward until he finds her warm pussy lips; not wanting to give time for too much foreplay he starts running his fingers around her clit until Lana’s body wracks against him shuddering under his touch, small spasms running through her. He moves his hand that was on her breast around to her back and angles her to him then he dips down and starts to fill her with his throbbing member.

Stephen looks up from his vanity mirror he had been admiring himself again; confusion enters his eyes as he looks over the tavern seeing everyone pushed to one side the one farthest away from him. Usually the towns folk liked to press against the stage trying to get close a small pout plays on his lips seeing this strange activity. Then the sounds from under the nearby table finally register in his mind, turning he recognizes the sounds of passion having never found another lovely enough to share his bed he was unpracticed but he still recognized the sound; Stephen looks down as he can feel a stirring in his cock. The Bard inches forward and peeks under the table, his eyes get wide as they go to the two grubby Halflings rutting. Thoughts go through his mind that he should be disgusted but for some reason he can not look away.

“Uhhhh…” Lana cries out quietly as Frankie plunges into her filling her up pulling back he leaves a void making her ache again and then just as quickly that void is filled with a quick thrust. Taller men may be good for looking at but they tended to be too big for anything really fulfilling she whispers to him urging him to fuck her more quickly, “fill me, fill me up you Hinnish slut.” Frankie growls slightly it is a pure primal and wanting and he does all he can to appease her his body moving quickly spearing into her again and again as his balls slap against her ass. Lana’s orgasm hits without warning one moment she is quivering under the other Hin and the next she is screaming as pleasure rolls over her, her body contracts around Frankie’s cock and he grips her hips almost harshly holding her to him as his legs twitch and he finally lets out his own pleasure. As the Halflings orgasm and their screams of passion fill the tavern making a few drop their mugs Stephen gets so flustered he accidentally tips the table over. Embarrassment finally hitting him he stands up his pants bulging from his erection Stephen looks over at the crowd the two Halflings sitting not more then ten feet from him.

Gibson just stares at the three, Ebony giggles slightly and goes back to pretending she is reading her book well mentally she weighs the odds of getting Gibson alone later. Talk erupts in the tavern of scandal and the serving wench yells at the two on the floor. Giggling the Halflings stand up in their various forms of nakedness; Lana grabs Frankie by the hand running for the door, the two run outside disappearing into the night to continue with their activities. Gibson is left staring at Stephen and his hard on with a sigh the warrior turns and motions to the barmaid, “another ale.”

Sunday, June 04, 2006

I'm not dead yet!

As the title of this post says I am in fact still around. I am sorry for not commenting in your blogs as of late but things got scary and I got very ill IRL. I am doing better now and will have my Secret Geek Sundays post up today. I hope that you will enjoy it once I have it up. And I will hopefully be getting back to my regularly scheduled blogging. ;)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Stuff and more stuff and a cry for help!

So there is no sexy story to go with this post, frankly I don't know what has been wrong with me lately. Mostly been sleeping alot, which is very strange for me since I am an insomniac. I think that might be why I am not feeling well...going years without more then two to four hours of sleep a night and then all of a sudden sleeping lots and lots might being doing something strange to me. And those that looked might have seen I had a test blog up...and from that test blog I realized that I will never be good at this coding stuff.

So I am going to ask those lovely people that read my blog to help me out a bit, anyone know anything about this coding stuff? Now all I really have is this banner that I made for my blog. If someone could come up with coding for a layout that has coloring to match that banner I would be very I can't pay in anything but words. Which means whoever helps me (if anyone does) just needs to tell me what they want written about, and I will write it. So if you are good at coding...I am trying to bribe you with a story to help me out. :)